Stack Deflicker

Author: Jesper Pedersen (jsp at
History: 2008-12-30 - Version 1: Based on the Stack_Normalizer plugin by Joachim Walter
2010-09-09 - Version 2: Uses ImageJ functions to measure mean and multiply frames in stead of getPixelValue and putPixel - These changes make the plugin smaller and about 4 times faster than version 1 - YAY!.
Requires: ImageJ 1.32c or later
Installation: Download Stack_Deflicker.class to the plugins/Stacks folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: The Stack_Deflicker calculates the average grey value for each frame and normalizes all frames so that they have same average grey level as a specified frame of the stack. This plugin is very useful to remove flickering in movies caused by frame rates different from the frequency of AC used for the light-source that illuminate the scene. An input value of -1 corresponds to the brightest frame while an input value of zero corresponds to the faintest frame. If a region of the stack is selected the average frame intensity will be calculated from this region. See example of movies before and after deflickering below:

before deflickering   after deflickering

C. elegans swimming in M9 buffer on an agar plate.

See Also: Stack Normalizer plugin and Process/Enhance Contrast command

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